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Psychoeducational Assessment

My approach to psychoeducational testing and educational advocacy is supportive and oriented toward producing meaningful results.  I want test-takers to feel comfortable and to walk away understanding their learning strengths and differences without stigmas attached.  My goal for parents and educators is to streamline the process, communicate clearly and concisely, thus leaving everyone with concrete steps for helping young learners at home, school and beyond.  

I currently offer a full range of testing options that cover several different areas of social, emotional and cognitive development including: 

  • Educational or achievement testing, which examines the knowledge or proficiency of an individual in something that has been learned or taught, such as reading, writing, or math skills.

  • Cognitive assessment explores more inherent functional capacities associated with attention, memory, perceptual processing, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, executive functioning, and more.

  • Social and emotional testing targets abilities related to personality development, emotional processing, social skills, and adaptive functioning.

For more information, email or call to schedule a free phone consultation.

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