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Educational Advocacy, Consultation, and Training

The point of psychoeducational assessment is to better understand young learners and generate meaningful recommendations for supporting their development.  Implementing these recommendations often requires collaboration with parents, teachers and related service providers in the form of advocacy work, consultation, and training.

Advocacy work often begins with helping families understand their rights in both public and private school settings.  Next, it’s important to discuss the various options available for supporting the diverse needs of young learners.  Parents often don’t understand the IEP (Individual Education Plan) process or know about resources and programs available to help their children.  Even when they do have experience in these areas it can be challenging to find the proper route for pursuing these services.  Once recommendations and requests are offered to the school, consultation and training can be used to support teachers and related service providers who will be key to implementing accommodations and/or modification needed to help learners access their learning environments and maximize opportunities for growth.

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