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About me

Childhood, adolescence, and early adult years are times of great potential.  As a psychologist serving Marin County, The San Francisco Bay Area and Hawaii, I am dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate the complexities that inevitably arise as young people move through these foundational stages of development.  I work creatively with clients to optimize growth and learning, offering solutions to challenges that arise for individuals, between family members, amongst peer groups, and at school.

I also conduct a full range of psychological and educational assessments, helping to identify social and emotional needs and learning differences that are often central to the struggles that young people face.  Furthermore, I have extensive experience consulting and training educational staff as well as advocating for clients in school settings throughout the Bay Area to ensure that their individual needs are met in the classroom and beyond.

I offer a variety of service options to accommodate the diverse needs of the families and educational systems I serve, including psycho-educational testing, teletherapy, and school consultations and trainings, serving the San Francisco Bay Area (CA 27984) and the Hawaiian Islands (PSY-2013).

Marin Psychologist | Jeremy Jensen, Psy.D.


Individual and Family Counseling

Providing a caring, solution-focused approach, I offer a range of creative service options including in-person and teletherapy to meet the diverse needs of the families I serve.

PsychoEducational Assessment

I offer a full range of cognitive, educational, and social and emotional testing options as well as consultation and advocacy to ensure that individual learning differences are appropriately addressed in various educational settings.

Advocacy, Consultation and Training

With over 20 years of experience working in public and private school settings, I help families navigate the IEP process, pursue testing accommodations and build transition plans that support post-graduation success. I'm also available to work directly with classroom staff and provide trainings on academic accommodations and social and emotional curriculum development, implementation, and program assessment.


Tel: 415-326-4051


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Jeremy brings a powerful mix of wisdom, care, and insight to his work with teens and families. His extensive mindfulness background both informs his approach and allows him to pass these same valuable skills onto others. I highly, highly recommend him.

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